What is this network?

The World of Work is an interdisciplinary research network bringing together postgraduate/doctoral and early career researchers from across the social sciences working on and around the areas of Work and Employment. Topics range from...

  • domestic or international research on employment regulation

  • wages

  • business and human resources management

  • employment relations

  • work/life balance

  • emotional work

  • the history of work

  • critical labour theories

  • workplace resistance

  • (radical) alternatives of work

  • precarious labour

  • digital labour

  • migration

  • gender studies,

  • job search and job mobility

  • unemployment

  • labour market statistics


...to the changing dynamics of work and everything in between.


The network aims to help share and explore existing as well as new dimensions of the “world of work” by facilitating interactions and learning from each other’s research in a multi-disciplinary context. The network particularly welcomes contributions and involvement from postgraduate and early career researchers.