Research Coordinator (West)


Institution: University of Bristol


Discipline: Labour Economics


What’s your research about?

I am a quantitative researcher studying how job attributes contribute to discrepancies between men’s and women’s labour market biographies. It is well-known that men earn higher wages than women, but that is not the only way in which men’s jobs are different, on average, than women’s jobs. For example, I have researched the role of commuting distance and gathered evidence that women are more willing to accept a lower wage in order to work closer to their home. Currently, I am looking at the extent to which women also compromise on their wage to be able to adjust their schedule to fit around their other commitments.

Tell us something interesting about yourself? 

I read the third volume of The Lord of the Rings in a single all-night sitting and more than a decade later, called my first academic paper “There and Back Again” as a nod to fellow Tolkien fans.