Research Coordinator (All Regions)


Institution: University of Exeter


Discipline: Socio-legal Studies

Contact: p.lord@worldofworknetwork.co.uk

What’s your research about? 

The gig economy, precarious employment and changing patterns of employment are hot topics right now. Our employment rights are attached to our employment relationship, yet the law doesn’t seem to match up with the reality of the modern world.

My research focuses on one sector - agriculture - and examines the everyday operation of employment law on farms, specifically contractual arrangements, wages, working time, leave, pensions and health safety. Through conducting interviews with farmers and farm workers across South West England and Wales, I hope to produce recommendations on how the law should change to better fit the realities of farming. In doing so, my research contributes to a greater awareness of the sectoral challenges faced in modern employment.


Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I’m a pretty keen baker and mountain biker (although I’m definitely better at one than the other). In the same day, I also once had a pint with Pete Doherty and played pool with Amy Winehouse (I lost).